Here is Tokyo Area’s guide to some of the Art and Statues inside the Wonderful Ueno  Station.



Freedom by Genichiro Inokuma, created in 1951 above the central ticket gate, depicts people enjoying the peace that has long since come after the end of the war.

Furusato: Flowers of Japan


Ikuo Hirayama’s spring 1985 stained class “Furusato: Flowers of Japan” features scenes from the Tohoku region on a ticket machine.
This colorful work was created to coincide with the opening of the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines.

Statue of Wings


Bronze statue “Tsubasa no Zouzo” by Fumio Asakura in the grand concourse.
Inside the ticket gate, there are “San-so no Zou-no Zou (Statue of Three Phases)” also by Fumio Asakura and a poem monument by Takuboku Ishikawa.

The monument of “Ah, Ueno Station”


The monument of “Ah Ueno Station” sung by Hachiro Izawa is located at the Hirokoji Exit.
The first line of the song is
Somewhere in there is the scent of my hometown
The nostalgia of the train coming in
Ueno is the station of my heart
I must not be discouraged, my life
My life began here that day

I remember that night in the distance.
I remember that night so far away
Ueno is the station of my heart
On my way home from a delivery
I stop to listen to this song with a country accent.


I was staring at the clock on the platform.
I started to see my mother’s smile.
Ueno is the station of my heart
Working at the shop is hard.
But I have a big dream in my heart

Hirokoji Exit, Ueno Station


Ueno Station has many entrances and exits such as “Main Entrance”, “Shinobazu Exit”, “Asakusa Exit”, “Ikenohata Exit”, “Shinobazu Exit”, “Hirokoji Exit”, “Pandabashi Exit”, “Park Exit”, and “Yamashita Exit”.

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