Here are Tokyo Areas’ top 10 places in Tokyo to see amazing winter illuminations, ranked from number one to 10.

rankingcrown01No. 1 Tokyo Disneyland.

The “Christmas Fantasy” featuring a giant music box is a classic romantic date spot. The illumination, park decorations and souvenirs are all decorated in Christmas colors.

rankingcrown02No. 2 Shinjuku Southern Terrace

This is the most popular of the Shinjuku Terrace Cities, with its nine trees and blue and white illumination creating a mysterious space. The secret of its popularity is that you can sit on a bench and watch the lights.

rankingcrown03No.3 Roppongi Hills

You can enjoy eating and shopping while watching the blue illumination.

rankingcrown04No. 4 Tokyo DisneySea

You can enjoy the mature and relaxing space. The beautiful night view of the harbor from the gondola is otherworldly and a popular spot.

rankingcrown05No. 5 Marunouchi Illumination

This metropolitan illumination shines a golden glow across 1.1 kilometers of Marunouchi. This eco-friendly illumination uses green power and approximately 850,000 LED bulbs to create a spectacular glow.

rankingcrown06No.6 Yokohama Minato Mirai

TOWERS Milight” is held only on Christmas Eve. Milight”, all the office buildings in Minato Mirai will be lit up and the whole town will be covered in lights. It is said to be a fantastic view of the city lights reflecting off the sea.

rankingcrown07No. 7 Yebisu Garden Place

The huge Baccarat chandelier is gorgeous.

rankingcrown08No.8 Tokyo Tower

This is a tall tower illumination floating in the city of Tokyo.

rankingcrown09No. 9 Tokyo Midtown

The calm radiance is popular. The “Starlight Garden” on the lawn of about 2,000 square meters expresses outer space. Also, “Stardust” shines in the night sky where you can see a shooting star about once every 20 minutes.

rankingcrown10No.10 Venus Fort

This is the illumination of the entire Odaiba. The indoor illumination shines with a new sensation of “falling snow”.

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