Embark on a culinary journey through Kanazawa’s vibrant Omicho Market with a twist – a hands-on cooking class awaits at the end of the market exploration. Imagine wandering the lively aisles, handpicking the freshest ingredients under the guidance of a local expert. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure. Stay tuned to uncover the secrets of preparing authentic Kanazawa dishes with a personalized touch. The experience promises a blend of tradition and innovation, creating a memorable fusion of flavors and cultural immersion.

Key Takeaways

Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class - Key Takeaways

  • Start at 10:00 am for a vibrant market experience.
  • Explore Omicho Market with a guided tour for ingredient selection.
  • Enjoy a traditional Kanazawa cooking class post-market visit.
  • Inform about dietary requirements for tailored accommodations.
  • Full refund if canceled 24 hours in advance for flexibility.


Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class - Overview

Exploring Omicho Market alone can be overwhelming due to potential language barriers, making it a great idea to enlist the help of a guide for a more enriching experience.

A guide can translate, explain ingredients, and help you find the freshest produce and seafood.

After navigating the vibrant market, participants can enjoy a traditional Kanazawa cooking class where they’ll have the opportunity to make multiple dishes.

The class culminates in a delightful meal where participants can savor the fruits of their labor.

This immersive experience not only offers a deeper understanding of local ingredients but also provides a hands-on opportunity to engage with Kanazawa’s culinary traditions.

It’s a fantastic way to make the most of your time in this culturally rich city.

Similar Options

Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class - Similar Options

If you’re looking for other culinary experiences in Kanazawa, there are several options available to immerse yourself in local food culture.

You can sneak into a Japanese cooking class starting at €54.24 or opt for Japanese Cooking Classes in Kanazawa from €72.33.

For those interested in exploring izakayas, the Be a Local Kanazawa Izakaya Hop Tour might be a perfect fit, also starting at €72.33.

If you prefer a more traditional experience, consider the Kenrokuen Tea Ceremony Experience in Kanazawa from €28.93.

For a broader tour encompassing Shirakawago, Hida Furukawa, and Takayama, the Private Tour option starting at €281.71 could be ideal.

These options cater to various tastes and preferences, promising a delightful journey into Kanazawa’s culinary world.

Start Time

Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class - Start Time

The tour and cooking class at Omicho Market starts at 10:00 am. It’s a great time to kick off the day with a culinary adventure!

By starting in the morning, participants can explore the bustling market at its liveliest, filled with fresh produce and local vendors eager to share their goods.

The early start ensures a full day of discovering new ingredients, learning about Kanazawa’s food culture, and mastering traditional cooking techniques.

Plus, it sets the perfect pace for a hands-on cooking session after the market visit.

What To Expect

Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class - What To Expect

Participants can anticipate an immersive culinary experience that combines market exploration with hands-on cooking instruction at Omicho Market.

The journey begins with a guided tour through the bustling market stalls, where participants will learn about local ingredients and select the freshest produce for their cooking class.

After the market visit, it’s time to roll up sleeves and dive into a traditional Kanazawa cooking class. Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, participants will have the opportunity to prepare multiple dishes, honing their culinary skills and gaining insights into Japanese cooking techniques.

The best part? At the end of the class, everyone gets to savor the delicious dishes they’ve created, making it a truly rewarding and mouth-watering experience.

Additional Info

Let’s cover some key details under the ‘Additional Info’ section to ensure you’re well-prepared for the Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class.

When getting ready for your experience, keep in mind:

  • Confirmation will be sent within 48 hours, based on availability
  • The tour isn’t wheelchair accessible
  • You may have a multilingual guide during the activity
  • Remember to inform about any dietary requirements when booking.

These points will help you navigate the tour smoothly and make the most out of your cooking class experience at the vibrant Omicho Market.

Make sure to check your confirmation promptly, plan your dietary needs ahead, and get ready to immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Kanazawa.

Cancellation Policy

Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class - Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class can be done up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

If your plans change or unexpected situations arise, you have the flexibility to cancel without any financial loss as long as you do so at least a day ahead.

This policy aims to accommodate travelers’ needs and provide peace of mind when booking the experience.

It’s always a good idea to double-check your schedule before the 24-hour mark to ensure you can make any adjustments if necessary.

Knowing that you won’t incur any charges for cancellations made within this timeframe can help you confidently secure your spot for the Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class.


For any further questions about the Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class, visit the Viator Help Centre. If you need assistance or more details about the experience, the Help Centre is there to guide you through.

How long is the market tour?

Is transportation provided to the cooking class?

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

What happens if it rains on the day of the tour?


Navigating to the Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class is straightforward, as it’s conveniently located near public transportation in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

The market is easily accessible by bus or a short walk from Kanazawa Station. If taking public transportation, visitors can use the Hokutetsu bus lines or the Loop Bus, which stops near the market.

For those driving, there are nearby parking lots available.

Once at the market, participants will be guided through the bustling stalls to select the freshest ingredients for the cooking class.

The cooking class venue is a short walk from the market, ensuring a seamless transition from market exploration to culinary adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transportation to and From the Market Included in the Tour?

Transportation to and from the market is not included in the tour. Visitors are advised to arrange their own transportation. The tour focuses on exploring Omicho Market, receiving a cooking class, and enjoying traditional Kanazawa cuisine.

Can Children Participate in the Cooking Class?

Children can participate in the cooking class. They’ll have fun learning traditional Kanazawa recipes. The experience is hands-on and perfect for all ages. It’s a great opportunity for them to explore new flavors and culinary skills.

Are Alcoholic Beverages Provided During the Cooking Class?

Alcoholic beverages are not provided during the cooking class. However, participants can expect a hands-on experience in creating traditional Kanazawa dishes, guided by a local expert, followed by a meal together.

Is There a Dress Code for the Tour and Cooking Class?

There isn’t a specific dress code for the tour and cooking class. Comfortable attire is recommended for an enjoyable experience exploring the market and preparing dishes. Just dress casually and be ready to have fun!

Can Dietary Restrictions Other Than Seafood Allergies Be Accommodated?

Yes, dietary restrictions other than seafood allergies can be accommodated. Just remember to advise any dietary requirements when booking the experience. The team will do their best to cater to your needs.


Discover the vibrant flavors of Kanazawa with the Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class.

Immerse yourself in the bustling market atmosphere, handpick fresh ingredients, and learn to prepare authentic local dishes.

With a flexible cancellation policy and dietary accommodations available, it’s a culinary experience that caters to your needs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to taste the best of Kanazawa!

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