Embark on a day of discovery in Kyoto with a private tour led by an English-speaking driver. Imagine wandering through ancient temples, sampling local cuisine, and soaking in the city’s serene beauty from the comfort of a private vehicle. But there’s more to this experience than meets the eye. Stay tuned to uncover the tailored itinerary options, insider tips, and unique cultural insights that await on this exclusive journey through Kyoto’s hidden gems.

Key Takeaways

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Key Takeaways

  • Full-day private Kyoto tour with English-speaking driver.
  • Customizable itinerary tailored to individual interests.
  • Modern vehicles with free Wi-Fi and wheelchair accessibility.
  • Overtime charges applicable at 5,000JPY per hour.
  • Cancellation policy: full refund up to 24 hours before; rescheduling based on availability.

Tour Overview

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Tour Overview

Embark on a full-day private Kyoto tour to immerse yourself in the rich nature and cultural treasures of this historic city.

This all-day excursion offers a chauffeur service to conveniently visit popular attractions while allowing for a customizable experience tailored to individual interests.

Guests can enjoy pick-up services from specified accommodations in Kobe, Osaka, or Nara, with an additional charge ranging from 8,000JPY to 14,000JPY for pick-ups outside Kyoto.

The tour starts at 9:00 am and lasts for 10 hours, requiring moderate physical fitness.

The experience is wheelchair accessible, allows service animals, and offers infant seats.

Guests will ride in clean, modern vehicles with bilingual (English and Japanese) chauffeurs, equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Start Time Details

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Start Time Details

The tour kicks off promptly at 9:00 am. Guests are advised to arrive at the designated meeting point at least 15 minutes early to ensure a smooth start to the day.

Plan for a full-day adventure from the morning.

Be ready to explore various attractions until the tour concludes.

Remember to pack essentials like comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.

Keep your camera handy to capture beautiful moments throughout the day.

Expectations and Accessibility

Visitors can anticipate a day filled with exploration, comfort, and accessibility on the private Kyoto tour.

The tour is wheelchair accessible, allows service animals, and offers infant seats for families.

While moderate physical fitness is required, the 10-hour duration from hotel pick-up to drop-off ensures a full day of discovery.

The tour provides a hassle-free experience, catering to various needs to ensure everyone can enjoy the journey.

With these considerations in place, guests can relax and immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of Kyoto without concerns about accessibility or comfort.

The tour aims to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible for all participants.

Additional Tour Information

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Additional Tour Information

Guests can anticipate traveling in modern and well-equipped vehicles with experienced bilingual chauffeurs during the private Kyoto tour.

  • Licensed and Bilingual Chauffeurs: Ensuring a smooth and informative experience

  • Clean and Modern Vehicles: Equipped with free Wi-Fi for added convenience

Overtime Charges: Payable directly to the driver at a rate of 5,000JPY per hour

Child Seat Limitation: Only one child seat available per group/vehicle

These details aim to enhance the guests’ understanding of the tour logistics and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable exploration of Kyoto’s nature and culture.

Vehicle and Chauffeur Features

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Vehicle and Chauffeur Features

Enhancing comfort and convenience, the vehicles come equipped with modern amenities and the chauffeurs boast extensive experience and bilingual proficiency.

Travelers can expect clean, well-maintained vehicles with free Wi-Fi, ensuring a pleasant journey. The chauffeurs hold licenses, are fluent in English and Japanese, and are adept at navigating Kyoto’s streets with ease.

Their knowledge of the area allows for a smooth and enjoyable tour experience. Additionally, the vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and service animals are welcome onboard.

For those with infants, infant seats are available upon request. With a focus on quality service, guests can relax knowing they’re in capable hands for this full-day adventure in Kyoto.

Overtime Charges and Child Seats

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Overtime Charges and Child Seats

During the tour, travelers are subject to a 5,000JPY per hour overtime charge that’s payable directly to the driver.

  • The overtime charge ensures the driver’s time and service are compensated fairly.
  • Make sure to inform the driver in advance if you anticipate the tour to exceed the scheduled time.

Child seats are available upon request, but only one per group/vehicle.

The operator will contact guests via WhatsApp one day before the trip for any necessary arrangements.

Communication and Participation

To ensure a smooth experience, the operator will reach out to guests via WhatsApp one day before the tour. This communication allows guests to ask any last-minute questions and ensures that everyone is on the same page for the day ahead.

Throughout the tour, participation is encouraged, making it an interactive and engaging experience for all. Guests can share their preferences with the chauffeur, ask questions about the attractions, and actively participate in the itinerary planning.

With the ability to customize the tour to suit individual interests, guests have the opportunity to make the most of their time in Kyoto. This level of communication and participation enhances the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the tour.

Cancellation Policy Details

1 Day Private Kyoto Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver - Cancellation Policy Details

Guests can receive a full refund for cancellations made up to 24 hours before the tour start time.

In case of cancellations, here are some key details to consider:

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the tour start time won’t be eligible for a refund.
  • Refunds may take up to 5-7 business days to process, depending on the payment method.

Rescheduling the tour is possible based on availability, with no extra charge.

For any cancellation or rescheduling requests, guests must contact the tour operator directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Entrance Fees to Attractions Included in the Tour Price?

Entrance fees to attractions are not included in the tour price. Participants are responsible for covering their admission costs. The tour offers a convenient and customizable experience, leaving the choice of attraction visits up to the guests.

Can the Itinerary Be Customized During the Tour?

Yes, the itinerary can be customized during the tour. Guests have the flexibility to adjust the schedule to their preferences. The experienced chauffeurs are accommodating and will work with the group to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Is Lunch Included in the Tour Package?

Lunch is not included in the tour package. Visitors can choose their preferred dining options during the tour. This allows for flexibility and the chance to experience local cuisine based on individual preferences and dietary requirements.

Are Tips for the Chauffeur Included in the Price?

Tips for the chauffeur are not included in the price. It’s customary to tip for excellent service, but it’s at the guest’s discretion. Cash tips are generally appreciated and should be given directly to the chauffeur.

Is There a Restroom Available in the Vehicle During the Tour?

Yes, there is a restroom available in the vehicle during the tour. It provides convenience for guests throughout the day-long excursion. This feature ensures comfort and accessibility during the exploration of Kyoto’s nature and culture.


Overall, this private Kyoto tour offers a convenient and customizable way to explore the city’s cultural and natural wonders.

With bilingual drivers, wheelchair accessibility, and the flexibility to tailor the itinerary to individual preferences, guests can enjoy a smooth and informative experience.

The inclusion of infant seats for families and service animals also ensures that everyone can participate comfortably.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover Kyoto in a personalized and accessible way!

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